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​Kudrat Askarovich Askarov (1937-2021)

  The staff of Samarkand State Medical Institute has suffered a great loss. A famous scientist, experienced teacher, Professor of the Department of Biological Chemistry of Samarkand State Medical Institute, DSc, Kudrat Askarov left us.

  Kudrat Askarov was born in 1937 in Urgench village in Kushrabad district. After graduating from Samarkand Agricultural Institute with honors in 1962, he worked as an assistant at the Department of Microbiology of this institute from 1962 to 1966, For the next four years, until 1969, he was a graduate student at the laboratory of microelements of Samarkand State University.

  Kudrat Askarovich started his labor activity in Samarkand State Medical Institute in 1969 as an assistant of the Department of biological chemistry. For many years he was heading the department of bioinorganic, bioorganic and biological chemistry and pharmacology of the institute.

  In addition to educating activity at the Department, Kudrat Askarov was also actively involved in social life of the Institute, in particular he was Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs from 1992-1995, Head of the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment from 1999-2003, Head of Internal Control and Monitoring Department from 2007 to 2010. As head of the the Department of Internal Control and Monitoring, he made a significant contribution to improving the process of organization of education and spiritual enlightenment of young people.

  It should be especially emphasized that prof. K.A.Askarov is the author of more than 300 scientific works and 15 textbooks, he has 14 inventions and 3 monographs. Under his supervision 4 PhD and 2 DSc dissertations were defended. The scientist was actively involved in scientific activities, he participated in many prestigious conferences in the Republic, the CIS and Europe, and his scientific research was awarded with many honorary diplomas and certificates.

  Kudrat Askarov, as a qualified teacher with great life experience and in-depth knowledge, has made a worthy contribution to the mastery of chemistry by the students of our Institute. Due to his humanity and simplicity, he was highly respected in the society. A loving father and family man, he brought up 5 children and created all conditions for them to find their rightful place in life.

  For many years of fruitful work Kudrat Askarov was awarded the badge "Excellent Public Health Worker" of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2021.

  Askarov Kudrat Askarovich was beloved, respected, kind and wonderful man, a wise mentor for future doctors. Bright memory of K.Askarov will forever live in our hearts.

Administration and Trade Union Committee of Samarkand State Medical Institute