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Announcement of the qualification exam!

  In accordance with paragraph 8 of the "Regulations on the order of qualification examinations", approved by the decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 31, 2017 № 239/3, Samarkand State Medical Institute announces the acceptance of documents for the qualification examination in the following specialties: 14.00.04 - otorhinolaryngology; 14.00.05 - internal medicine; 14.00.09 - pediatrics; 14.00.21 - stomatology; 14.00.35 - pediatric surgery; 14.00.14 - oncology.

  Applicants must submit the following documents in order to pass the examination:

1. application form (addressed to the rector);

2. copy of diploma (with copies of all diplomas attached);

3. list of academic papers (according to Form 3.4);

4. copy of the announcement of the topic in the SAC Bulletin;

5. copy of passport;

6. certificate of employment;

7. reference letter;

8. order of enrolment for self-application;

9. letter from the organisation on the letterhead (company letterhead) certified by the head of the institution (with an attachment in the form of a list) with indicated full name, code of speciality, title of the dissertation, data on publication of the topic in SAC bulletin.

Applicants should apply to the Scientific Department of SamSMI.

Phone: +998935763778.

Scientific Department of SamSMI