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Admission to academic lycées will start on 20 June

The Academic Lyceums will begin accepting applications from students for the academic year 2021/2022 from June 20 of this year.

Students, their parents or guardians submit the following documents to the Advisory Boards set up in the Academic Lyceums:

- an application indicating the direction of study, language of study, form (in the directions for which a foreign language entrance examination is scheduled, the application must indicate in which foreign language the entrance examination will be taken and confirm knowledge of the rules of the examination);

- a copy of an identity document (birth certificate or passport/ID card);

- 6 colour photos (3.5x4.5 cm on a white background).

- the required documents can be submitted through the lyceum.edu.uz portal, where students can apply online to academic lyceums in our country in their chosen fields.

Winners of international and national olympiads, competitions, contests who qualify for preferential admission should also submit original diplomas, certificates or other supporting documents.

Applications will be accepted until 30 June.