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​Khoji Ulugovich Ulugov (1933-2021)

  Khoji Ulugovich Ulugov, a selfless man who devoted his whole life to the development of his homeland, peace and prosperity of his people, has left us

  Kh. Ulugov was born on April 4, 1933 in Registan district of Samarqand in the family of a blacksmith. He spent his childhood and youth in the World War II and the difficult post-war years. After school he helped his father, a well-known blacksmith in Samarkand, looked after his brothers, worked and studied at night.

  After graduating from high school in 1952, Ulugov entered the faculty of medicine at Samarkand State Medical Institute. His zeal for knowledge, diligence, excellent grades, and exemplary conduct set him apart from other students. His mentors were Professor Golub F.M., Associate Professors M.K. Karaev and N. M. Babkina.

  Then, Khoji Ulugov, successfully graduated from the Institute in 1958, was sent to work in Denau district of Surkhandarya region together with his wife Saida Umarova. The staff of Denau central district hospital, which lacked qualified medical personnel, immediately put him in charge of the surgical department. Within a short time, he had gained respect among the community and residents of the district. Khoji Ulugov returned to Samarkand in 1960 and was appointed as chief physician of Mitan-Kurgan Hospital of Ishtikhon district. In 1964, Akdarya district was formed and Khoji Ulugovich was also appointed as a chief doctor of the district hospital. During those years, he worked as a surgeon, traumatologist, sanitary doctor and epidemiologist. Thanks to his efforts new feldsher obstetric stations were opened, vaccination was speeded up, health education was carried out and as a result infectious diseases and child mortality decreased considerably. Thus, in 1977, Akdarya district ranked first in the province in the health system on all indicators and became a leader among the districts of the Republic in the provision of qualified medical services.

  In 1978, the leadership of the republic and the region expressed their great confidence in Khoji Ulugov and appointed him as a chief doctor of the Clinic No. 2 of Samarkand State Medical Institute. In the spring of that year, 4 hectares of stony land were irrigated and turned into a garden, and various saplings of fruit and ornamental trees and flowers were planted. In May 1979 the first shift of the 360-bed Clinic No 2 of SamSMI was finished and in 1982 the second shift with 360 beds was fully commissioned.

  Khoji Ulugov was the first in the region to open the Artificial Kidney Centre and Children's Intensive Care Department at the clinic. Special attention was paid to equipping the clinic with modern medical equipment. Ultrasound equipment, phonocardiography, echocardioscope and laser treatment equipment were purchased and put into operation.

  Khoji Ulugovich was a skilful organizer, a knowledgeable and qualified specialist and a kind teacher for the youth. Under his leadership and direct support, four doctors of sciences and 22 candidates of sciences were trained.

  The inestimable services of Khoji Ulugovich before our people was deservedly rewarded. In 1992, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, he was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

  The residents of Samarkand highly appreciated the great services of Khoji Ulugovich in the field of medicine, especially his diligence while putting into commission the building of the 2nd clinic of Samarkand State Medical University. This hospital is still popularly referred to as "Ulugov's hospital".

  Khoji Ulugov and his wife Saida Umarova lived a happy life, raising their four children and providing them with a decent place in life.

  Khoji Ulugov died on July 14, 2021. The blessed memory of the Teacher will forever remain in our hearts.