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Dates of entrance exams for Master's programmes at Samarkand State Medical Institute are announced

Note to candidates:

1. Admission to the examination is permitted only with the original passport (not copy of passport).

2.Candidates take entrance exams for Master's degree at Samarkand State Medical Institute in the language of their choice (Uzbek or Russian). Assessment of the level of knowledge in the first stage of the entrance exam is evaluated by points - from 0 to 100. The examination, which evaluates the theoretical knowledge of the candidate in the chosen specialty, will be conducted in the form of a special test. Each test consists of 50 questions and each correct answer is worth 2.0 points. The testing process takes 1 hour.

3.A candidate may submit an appeal within 24 hours from the day of taking the test. The review process takes place within 1 day of receipt of the appeal.

4. Candidates, who are late for the entrance examination, will not be admitted to the examination.