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Turkish colleagues will contribute to the modernisation of the institute's laboratories

  On January 15, management of Samarkand State Medical Institute met online with head of the innovative medical company "MosLab" Osman Bashan and Ankara State Medical University professors, head of the pathology laboratory at Ankara City Hospital Faruk Ko'ksal.

  Rector of SamSMI Prof. J.A. Rizaev noted the fruitfulness of the past visit of Mr Osman Bashan to the Institute and the Turkish side in turn expressed its readiness for mutually beneficial cooperation with the Institute. Representatives of the Turkish side noted the high scientific potential and material and technical basis of the Institute.

  Thus, in the course of negotiations, questions concerning modernization of material and technical equipment of corresponding laboratories of the clinics of SamSMI with the newest equipment for radical improvement of clinical and pathological studies were discussed in detail. Advanced training of staff in the pathology service and laboratories of the Institute's clinics was also discussed Turkish colleagues.

  Following the talks, both sides stressed the importance of boosting bilateral cooperation by signing a memorandum and establishing modern laboratories in the institute's clinics.

SamSMI Press Service