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Public lecture for the staff of the regional multidisciplinary hospital

  On January 30, 2021, Head of the Therapy Department of Faculty of Postgraduate Education of Samarkand State Medical Institute, associate professor Irina Agababyan held an open lecture for medical staff and employees of the Regional Multi-Field Hospital on "What do we know today about Covid-19?

  So, at the lecture, Irina Rubenovna explained in detail the epidemiology, clinical, diagnostic and treatment issues of Covid-19, the organization of work at primary health care facilities and the latest data on the coronavirus pandemic. The session also covered issues on organization of infection control measures to counteract COVID-19 in health care facilities, recommendations on home care for patients and family members, and emphasized the need for public education on compliance with sanitary and epidemiological measures and counteracting the spread of the pandemic.

  It should be noted that the lecture was conducted in interactive mode, using visual materials, case studies and international experience of combating the pandemic. Participants received scientifically based answers to all their questions.