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Meeting named "We, Youth, are against Religious Extremism and Terrorism!" was held at SamSMI

  On March 29, a meeting was held in the large assembly hall of Clinic No.1 of Samarkand State Medical Institute under the slogan "We, Youth, are against Religious Extremism and Terrorism!" with the students and teachers of the Institute. The event was attended by senior officers of the SSS, the Department of Internal Affairs, representatives of the Samarkand School of Hadith Sciences, more than 600 students from all faculties, as well as the administration and teaching staff of the institute.

  The meeting was opened with introductory remarks by the Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs E. S. Tangirov, who outlined the agenda and stressed the importance of the event in the context of developing ideological immunity and countering the threats of religious extremism and terrorism among the youth. Then, the guests of event made a speech. The speakers - E. Aripov, responsible officer of the Samarkand Regional Department of State Security, F. Mamatkulov, Kh. Sadullaev, staff of Samarkand Management of Internal Affairs, S. Shamsiev, representative of Samarkand Department of Internal Affairs, Kh. Juraboev, senior lecturer of Samarkand High School of "Hadith Sciences" spoke in detail about the work currently being implemented in the region. Juraboev made a detailed presentation of works currently being done to counter religious extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism, and said about necessity of educating youth in spirit of adherence to ideas of legal, secular and democratic state, and be non-indifference to changes and transformations taking place in our society. The speakers highlighted the need to implement the principles of "Enlightenment against ignorance" and "There is no salvation but knowledge" in the society and called on students to fundamentally master the profession of doctor. Also during the event, participants were shown a documentary on the consequences of the destructive activities of terrorist groups in the Middle East and Syria.

  At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that all staff and students of the institute would be informed of the issues discussed.

SamSMI Press Service