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Election law training courses were organised for political parties, local councillors and media representatives.

  The Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages organized political training courses for the deputies of the provincial and district Kengash of the UzLiDeP to strengthen their knowledge in the field of electoral law.

  Course participants are familiarized during the educational process with the essence of the reforms carried out in our country and the aims of programme and objectives of the political parties, and particular attention is paid to the specifics of coverage of the electoral process using modern pedagogical and interactive methods.

  The 10 professors of the Samarkand State Medical Institute are also actively involved in preparing for the election process. In particular, Sh. Toshnazarov, an assistant of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Pediatrics at Samarkand State Medical Institute, is a member of the group of national trainers.

  It should be noted that special attention is paid to integrated development of regions, increasing the welfare of the population, reducing poverty in our country.

  Special attention needs to be paid to programmes in the socio-economic sphere.

  Development of entrepreneurship and employment of the population are priorities.

  Carrying out this work implies great responsibility for the deputies of the local Kengashes. In an organised course, the above aspects are given special attention, and schedules are held according to the timetable.

SamSMI Press Service