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Rector's meeting with youth at SamMI

  Young people and the problems associated with their upbringing and formation deserve special attention, and this is confirmed by their priority position in public policy. The increasing attention and support given to them is opening more and more opportunities for them. It is obvious that young people are the future of the country, the creators of tomorrow.

  On April 7, Rector of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, Professor Jasur Rizaev met with a group of young activists of the institute. Opening the meeting, the rector spoke in detail on the President`s visions on youth, opportunities created for them and changes taking place at the institute. During the conversation Jasur Alimdjanovich urged students to be active in establishing public administration of faculties, coverage of life of faculties in social networks. The issue of further increasing the prestige of the Institute through participation of our students in international Olympiads and competitions was especially emphasized.

  The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the students shared their thoughts, achievements and plans for the future. During the meeting 35 winners of "Rector's Scholarship" for academic year 2020/2021, 5 winners of international online-competition "Imago Anatomica Vesalius" and 3 winners of scientific-practical all-Russian conference with international participation VolgaMedScience were awarded with certificates.

  During the open dialogue, the young people freely expressed their opinions on the various problems and difficulties they were concerned about

SamSMI Press Service