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Wreath-laying ceremony at Amir Timur's monument was in Samarkand

  The birthday of the great statesman and military leader Sokhibkiran Amir Timur is celebrated annually in our republic on the 9th of April. The founder of the strong centralized state, where peace and stability were established, the patron of science and art, the founder of a great dynasty which gave the world many famous rulers, generals and cultural figures, the skilled diplomat to whom letters of thanks were written by many European sovereigns - exactly such our great compatriot entered into the annals of world history.

  The celebration of Amir Timur's birthday was held with particular solemnity in Samarkand, the capital of his vast empire. After the traditional memorial service at Guri Amir tomb, a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at Amir Temur's monument was held with participation of regional and city authorities, representatives of Army, higher educational institutions, organizations and establishments of the region. So, under the leadership of Rector Prof. J.A. Rizaev, the staff of the Samarkand State Medical Institute also took an active part in the commemorative events.


SamSMI Press Service