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Visit of Dean's Office and alumni of Samarkand State Medical Institute to 31 schools in Urgut district of Samarkand region

  On April 15, under the guidance of Deputy Dean of Medical and Pedagogical Faculty, Shokir Ulashovich Urakov, 6th year students of this faculty visited and gave Biology, Chemistry, English and Russian language classes to the 7-9-10 year pupils at 31st secondary school of Urgut district of Samarkand region. Particularly, the chemistry lesson for the 7A class was conducted by Anarov Ilhom, the student of 606th-group and Yunusov Sardor the student of 605th-group, for 7B class - by Umirkulov Bunyod, the student of 606th-group and Norbutayev Isolom, the student of 608th-group ; for 9A class - by Mirza Mirzaev, the student of 607th-group and Allazov Iskandar, the student of 607th-group, Biology in 9B class was taught by Melikboboev Abbos the student of 608th-group and Khasanov Eldor the student of 608th-group, English lesson in 10B class was conducted by Uralov Bunyodkhon, the student of 608th-group, in 11B grade Computer science lesson was chaired by Shokir Ulashovich Urakov, the deputy dean.

  Before the start of the lesson, Deputy Dean Shokir Ulashovich Urakov introduced each class to the students and helped them to orientate to each class. The main directions, goals and tasks of the new stage of national strategy of actions and other important social-economic and political documents developed and consistently implemented under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev were explained to pupils.

  This meeting highlighted the importance of school knowledge of pupils for thinking freely, helped to increase their vocabulary and apply their knowledge in practice. This meeting also emphasised the importance of this knowledge in choosing a career in the future and finding the right path in life.

  The graduates then answered questions from the pupils.

  In this regard, the school administration expresses its gratitude to the Dean and students of the Medical and Pedagogical Faculty of SamDTI.

SamSMI Press Service