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First Medical Quest of the Student Scientific Society on Neurosurgery at Samarkand State Medical Institute

  The Student Scientific Society (SSS) of department of Neurosurgery of Samarkand State Medical Institute held its first medical quest. "Quest" translates from English as "looking for something, doing a task" and is a competition in which there is a demonstration of personal ingenuity, the ability to build a logical chain and present personal talent. Participants are required to complete certain tasks on a paper.

  More than 100 entries were received from students of all faculties of the institute, including the MBBS programme of the Faculty of International Education.

  So, six teams of five students each was formed from the applicants and took part in the quest. Thus, in the first stage of the competition, the teams provided emergency medical aid to an accident victim. In the second stage, the teams had to find medical cases (various questions on different areas of basic medicine, written on paper) on the territory of the 1st Clinic of SamSMI using hints. Participants actively answered to the questions given in the cases, demonstrating their knowledge and skills debated and fought for every point. All actions of the teams were evaluated in accordance with the rules of the competition by the jury members.

  At the end of the competition, the participants of the winning teams were awarded diplomas and memorable prizes by the organisers.

SamSMI Press Service