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A competition was held among students in the field of “Obstetrics and gynecology”

  On March 18, a regular competition among gifted students of the Institute in the field of “Obstetrics and Gynecology” was held at the Samarkand State Medical Institute. The competition was attended by activists of the Student Scientific Society, professors and teachers of the departments of obstetrics and gynecology, department of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of the Institute.
  So, the chairman of Scientific Council of Young Scientists N.N. Shavazi, professor N.I. Zakirova, professor D.R. Khudoyarova delivered their welcoming speech, thanked all the participants and wished them success in the competition.
  Thus, during the creative competition more than 13 reports were presented, and the members of the competition jury evaluated the thoroughness, the degree of development of the topic of the speech, the skill of presentation and timekeeping. At the end of the contest, selected winners were awarded honorary diplomas of the first, second and third degree, as well as in the categories - the best scientific work, “The best report”, “Rhetoric”.
   An agreement was reached to hold similar competitions in different directions and specialties between the participants in order to provide such kind of events.

SamSMI Press Service