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A nationwide charity khashar is held at Samarkand State Medical Institute

  Regular khashars, which demonstrate the best qualities of neighbourliness, collectivism and love of nature of our people, are one of the unshakable values of the history.
  Representatives of the Samarkand State Medical Institute also took part in the nationwide charity khashar, which was held on March 13 in honour of the approaching Novruz, holiday of spring and the renewal of nature.
  The event was held in the main building, morphology building, theoretical and biochemical sciences buildings, dormitories, clinics, all chairs and courses of the institute. During the khashar, landscaping work was carried out to sanitize areas, troughs, ditches, removal of domestic waste, planting of trees and their protection from pests. Representatives of the institute's administration and teaching staff took an active part in the nationwide charity khashar.

SamSMI Press Service