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Meeting with gifted students

  Meeting with talented students of Samarkand State Medical Institute's Medical, Pediatric and Dentistry faculties was held on March 11 of current year. The meeting was attended by activists of Student Scientific Society of faculties, prize-winners of Olympiads and scholarships. The meeting was conducted by U.F. Paizullaeva, head of the department for organization of research work of gifted students.
  The student scientific society is a voluntary organization of students. The main purpose of the organization is assistance in carrying out research works on fundamental medicine, various directions of practical public health services and other sciences studied by students of the Institute. Participation in SSS activity is voluntary and is carried out in free time from classes.
  The matters of scientific-research works, methodology of scientific publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, organization of scientific societies' activity were discussed during the meeting. The chairmen of the directions were appointed and concrete plans for development of Student Scientific Society of the faculties were determined.
  It was agreed with the participants to hold such meetings on a regular basis.

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