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Meeting of graduates with representatives of health care institutions of Syrdarya region

  On March 10, 2021 meeting of students of final years of bachelor's, clinical residents and residents of master's degree was held in large assembly hall of the Clinic #1 of Samarkand State Medical Institute with representatives of public health institutions of Bayavut and Khavast districts of Syrdarya region.
  The meeting was opened with introductory speech by B.A. Yuldashev, Head of Marketing Department of SamSMI. Then, head of Bayavut Medical Association Bekmurodov O., head of Khavast Medical Association M. Narzullaev made a speech at the meeting, talked in detail about conditions created for young professionals in the region, benefits and preferences, as well as assistance in improving living conditions.
  After answering numerous questions posed by the participants, the guests of the meeting invited the graduates to apply for vacant positions at medical institutions of the districts of the neighbouring region.

SamSMI Press Service