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Results of the visit to the "University of Health Sciences" (Turkey)

  Samarkand State Medical Institute and University of Health Sciences (Istanbul, Turkey) established friendly and cooperative relations during last several years. With the purpose of further expansion of mutually beneficial partnership between universities, Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute Prof. J.A. Rizaev visited Istanbul city (https://www.trthaber.com/haber/guncel/semerkand-devlet-tip-enstitusu-rektoru-rizaevden-cevdet-erdole-ziyaret-563243.html) by invitation of Rector of Turkish University of Health Sciences Prof. Cevdet Erdӧl with business trip.
  During the warm welcome at the "University of Health Sciences" Jasur Alimjanovich Rizaev conducted intensive negotiations with Rector Prof. Cevdet Erdӧl, Vice-Rectors and Deans of Turkish university to enhance cooperation in teaching and research areas as well as academic mobility programs for the exchange of students and faculty members. In the course of fruitful negotiations with the Turkish side an agreement was reached on implementation of programs of short-term and long-term internships and advanced training for residents of master programs and clinical residents, as well as representatives of SamSMI faculty at the "University of Health Sciences" on a wide range of specialties after the pandemic.
  The administration of Samarkand State Medical Institute and Rector Prof. J.A. Rizaev express their sincere gratitude to the administration of "University of Health Sciences" and Rector Cevdet Erdӧl personally for the warm welcome and agreements reached.

SamSMI Press Service