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Meeting with parents at the Academic Lyceum

  On March 3-4, 2021, a meeting with parents of students was held at Academic lyceum of Samarkand State Medical Institute. N.A. Yarmukhammedova, Vice-rector on educational work of Samarkand State Medical Institute, administration, teachers and tutors of academic lyceum and parents of students participated in the meeting.
  So, the results of the 1st semester of the current academic year, the results of tests conducted in the Lyceum on various subjects, students' attendance and discipline in the Academic Lyceum were discussed at the meeting. Parents also expressed their wishes and suggestions for improvement of the educational process in the educational institution.
  The administration of the academic lyceum of Samarkand State Medical Institute presented "Gratitude" diplomas to the parents of students who had shown the best academic performance and exemplary behaviour. Also, at the meeting it was agreed to hold regularly meetings between the administration and parents of students. 

SamSMI Press Service