Meeting dedicated to anticorruption
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Meeting dedicated to anticorruption

  On March 2, a meeting titled "We are against Corruption" was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute. The meeting was attended by students, teachers, employees of the Agency for Counteraction of Corruption and the Samarkand Department of Internal Affairs.
  So, the meeting was opened by welcoming speech of vice-rector on youth affairs Eldor Tangirov, who underlined the importance of the meeting in the context of declaring this year the "Year of Youth Support and Health Improvement". Speakers at the meeting were Sobir Mamanov, the employee of the Agency for Counteraction of Corruption, and Vokhid Akhmedov, deputy chief of Samarkand Department of Internal Affairs. Thus, the guests spoke in their speeches about the work being carried out in the republic to counteract corruption in all its manifestations, the paramount importance of the fight against this evil, as evidenced by the establishment of the special Agency for Counteraction of Corruption of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The speakers also appealed to the participants to be vigilant, to observe the norms of lawfulness in all their actions and to show the best human qualities in the process of study and personal life.
  In the course of the event, a questionnaire was also administered to students to examine the formation of a conscious attitude towards combating corruption. The meeting was held in the format of an open and frank discussion.

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