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Republican conference "The Book is a Treasury for Knowledge"

  Great attention is paid to cultivating a culture of reading, which is currently an important part of the education and training of students. A special place in this sphere is occupied by a scientific book, which is a result of scientific research, a visible embodiment of generations of experience and methods of teaching certain disciplines in the field of science and education.
  So, on February 25, , on the initiative of Information Resource Center a republican practical conference "Book is the Treasury for Knowledge" was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute to familiarize the participants with the scientific works and rich book funds of the Information Resource Center of the Institute.
  The conference was opened by the Rector of the Institute Professor J.A. Rizaev. Jasur Alimjanovich told about the measures taken to replenish the library collection of the latest medical educational literature, their conversion into electronic format and accessibility for all students and staff, high scientific potential of the faculty and their active publication work, the need to attract students to the research work at the institute. Director of the Information and Resource Centre of SamSMI, G. I. Khudoyberdiyeva spoke about the role and importance of books in upbringing and education, about the rich library collections of the Institute.
  Then, the speakers, representatives of teaching staff of the Institute presented their new teaching and research materials in the form of textbooks, manuals and monographs. Cooperation with other medical schools and universities, including foreign ones, in publishing educational and scientific products was especially emphasized. The students of our institute also made presentations of the latest medical education literature in English. It is remarkable that anatomy text book of Indian author Sudha Seshayyan which is used in a number of foreign medical universities was presented by Sanvi Yadav, a first-year student of International Education faculty of our Institute (Republic of India).
  At the end of the conference, an agreement was reached to transfer the latest textbooks, including those in foreign languages, to electronic format for their active use in the educational process of the departments of the Institute.

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