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Practical workshop on fire safety

  On February 16, 2021, Samarkand State Medical Institute together with the Regional Department of Fire Safety and Emergency Situations and the Red Crescent Society conducted practical seminar with the students in order to explain the basics of fire safety during the autumn-winter period.
  So, the employees of the Fire Safety Department made a speech at the meeting and provided detailed information about fire safety measures, the necessity to be careful with gas and electric appliances, to check regularly their operability, to use only appliances and devices approved by the corresponding state instances.
  Thus, a mock fire drill, fire extinguisher handling skills, first aid for victims and other methods for dealing with emergencies were demonstrated during the meeting.
  Lastly, it should be noticed that the explanatory meetings and talks aimed at preventing carbon monoxide poisoning and disseminating knowledge on the proper use of gas and electrical appliances are regularly held among students in the Institute's dormitories and among students living with close relatives and in rented accommodation.

SamSMI Press Service