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Rector of the institute met with representatives of the institute's youth

  On February 15, Rector of SamSMI Prof. J.A. Rizaev met with students of the Institute.
  So, during meeting, Jasur Alimjanovich told about ongoing reforms and innovations at the institute, created opportunities for students to study and engage in research activities. The rector emphasized the importance of learning foreign languages, being active in scientific clubs, publishing the results of their research in scientific journals and proceedings of scientific conferences. Jasur Alimzhanovich also noted that the institute would support students conducting scientific and research work in relevant areas of modern medicine. There was additionally made a proposal to create video clips on actual modern medicine, particularly oncology, dental diseases, healthy lifestyle and disseminate them among population.
  Moreover, head of the "Scientific Council of Young Scientists" N.N. Shavazi also spoke at the meeting, highlighting the significance of activating students.
  Finally, the students received answers to their questions and suggestions during the open and sincere discussion.

SamSMI Press Service