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Presentation of poetry collections by student of Faculty of Dentistry

  On February 12, a meeting with students of the Faculty of Dentistry was held in the large assembly hall of Samarkand State Medical Institute. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Dean's Office and students of this faculty.
  Dean of the Faculty, PhD A.A. Akhmedov noted the special attention given to creative self-development of students and conditions created for this at the Institute. It is not occasional that development of the culture of reading is one of 5 special initiatives put forward by the President of our country. Thus, he said: "Many talented students study at our faculty, and our task is to timely notice and support our them...".
  So, the presentation of collections of poems of student of the Faculty of Dentistry Nizom Sadriyev "I like it", "Striving hearts", "Exodus", "Tenderness of a mother" was held at the meeting. Heartfelt poems about love for Motherland, friendship, honesty and justice, and motherly love recited by the participants of the meeting left a big impression on them. Additionally, the meeting was adorned by poems of great poets (Alisher Nava'i and Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur) in different languages, which were recited by other students of the faculty.
  As a result, it was agreed to hold such meetings with the creative students of the faculty on a regular basis.

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