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Celebration meetings at SamSMI to mark the 580th anniversary of Nava’i

  In honor of 580th anniversary of the great thinker and poet, founder of Uzbek classical literature Mir Nizomiddin Alisher Nava'i was widely celebrated at Samarkand State Medical Institute.
  So, on the eve of the jubilee date, an evening dedicated to the life and work of Alisher Navoi was held in the large assembly hall of Samarkand State Medical Institute on the initiative of the "Uzbek Language of Literature, with Russian Language" Department at the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy. Thus, speakers at the meeting spoke about the challenging life and rich creative legacy of the great Navoi. Students recited poems of the poet in Uzbek, Russian and English that never lost their beauty and eternal wisdom. Video clips and an exhibition dedicated to the poet's creative work were also presented at the poetry soiree. The event was attended by representatives of the Institute's faculty and students.
  Then, delivering a speech at the meeting, E. S. Tangirov, Vice-rector for youth affairs, and S. E. Mamarajabov, dean of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy, spoke about the rich creative heritage of great Nava'i and his contribution to world culture.
  It should be especially emphasized that the theatrical performances of the poet's great works were presented on the big stage, and the national dances and songs performed by the students created a festive mood in all participants of the celebration.

SamSMI Press Service