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"The Language of Birds" of Nava’i was performed by students of SamSMI

  In honour of the 580th anniversary of the outstanding statesman, thinker and poet Alisher Nava’i, a performance of "The Language of Birds", based on "Lison ut-tayr" of Nava’i, was presented on the big stage of the Samarkand Regional Music and Drama Theatre by students of the Samarkand State Medical Institute. The performance was attended by representatives of the general public of the city and province, the faculty and students of the institute.
  So, the students, playing the role of characters in immortal work of Nava’i, skillfully conveyed the main ideas of the poem, through which the eternal idea of search for perfection and meaning of life runs deep. It should be noted that rector of the Institute Professor J. A. Rizaev thanked the students for the masterly performance and wished them further creative success.
  The students received a standing ovation at the end of the performance.