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Pupils of an academic lyceum embrace fundamental medicine

  The foundation of medical science is formed by such subjects as human anatomy, histology, microbiology, virology, which are the foundation of practical medicine.
  So, aiming to interest future potential students in medical science, teaching staff of departments "Anatomy", "Histology", "Microbiology, virology and immunology" of Samarkand State Medical Institute regularly held introductory classes for students of 2nd and 3rd courses of academic lyceum of the Institute.
  In the course of these classes, students learn about the history and daily life of the Institute's departments and the importance of these subjects in the development of future doctors, and they also receive lectures on introductory topics in the disciplines taught at the Institute. A unique anatomical table that is unparalleled in the region has aroused great interest among students as it allows them to study human anatomy in 3D.
  It should be noted that this classes undoubtedly increase the practical interest and motivation of the students to acquire knowledge in the fundamental disciplines.

SamSMI Press Service