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Professor A.M. Shamsiev awarded the badge “Veteran of Labour”

   According to the Decree of the Head of State dated December 28, 2016 "On Measures for Further Improvement of the “Nuroniy” Foundation, the lapel badge “Veteran of Labour” was established. The “Nuroniy” newspaper of 26 April 2021 published a list of those awarded, including 57 veterans from Samarkand region.

 The 1st degree badge was awarded to Azamat Mukhitdinovich Shamsiev, professor of the Pediatric Surgery Department of Samarkand State Medical Institute, Honorary Public Health Expert, prominent scientist and organizer of healthcare, one of the founders of Samarkand school of pediatric surgeons.

  We congratulate Azamat Mukhitdinovich with the high appreciation of his contribution to the development of medicine and practical health care and wish him good health and new achievements for the benefit of medical science!

SamSMI Press Service