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Conducted a masterclass in dental implantology

  2 On February 2, 2021 in clinic №1 of SamSMI, master class on "Diagnostics and planning in dental implantology" was carried out by the teacher of chair of stomatology Khasanov Ilkhom Ikromovich. Practicing dentists and students of the Faculty of Dentistry took part in the training.
  So, the seminar covered types of dental implants, cases of their application depending on individual characteristics of patients, basic theoretical aspects of dental implant surgery. The students were given the opportunity to experience what they had learnt in practice during a masterclass.
Implantology is one of the rapidly developing areas in dentistry today, and the master class aroused genuine interest among teachers and students.
  It is remarkable that masterclasses and seminars of this kind enable dental students to become highly qualified and competitive specialists.

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