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International scientific-practical conference “Pedagogical and psycholinguistic features of development, formation and formation of the personality of a doctor”

  On May 5, 2021 an International Scientific-Practical Conference on "Pedagogical and Psycholinguistic Features of Development and Formation of the Personality of doctors" was held at the Samarkand State Medical Institute. So, the aim of the international scientific forum was to discuss the systemic-active approach in the process of work of teachers and doctors, enhance the quality of students' training, increase their motivation in studying and acquiring a future profession, bringing up of modern youth, as well as introduction of new innovative technologies in teaching and pedagogical communication.

  More than 180 participants from leading educational institutions and scientific-practical centres of Russia, Indonesia and Uzbekistan took part in the conference.

  At the opening ceremony of international scientific forum welcome speeches to the participants were addressed by the Rector of SamSMI Professor Jasur Alimjanovich Rizaev, Ambassador of Indonesia to the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor Sunaryo Kartadinata (Indonesia), Rector of Izhevsk State Medical Academy, Professor Alexey Shklyaev (Izhevsk, Russia), Head of the International Office of Education of the Indonesian University, PhD Ahmad Bukhori Muslim (Indonesia), Rector of Samarkand State University, Prof. Rustam Ibragimovich Kholmurodov (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), Rector of Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Khudainazar Beknazarovich Yunusov (Samarkand, Uzbekistan), Rector of Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, Prof. Ilkhom Madaminovich Tukhtasinov (Samarkand, Uzbekistan).

  Thus, the plenary session included speeches: "Analysis of Medical Education in Indonesia in the Formation of a Personality Doctor" by Pipit Pitriani (Lecturer at Universitas Pendidikan, Indonesia), "Emotional burnout of physicians: causes, prevalence and prevention" by Tatiana Yurievna Pomytkina (PhD, Head of Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine of ISMA, Izhevsk, Russia), "Executive Function in Determination of Online Academic Self-Efficacy: study from Indonesian Health-Related College Students During Covid-19 Pandemic" Matrissya Hermita Gunadarma (University Of Indonesia, Indonesia), "The spirituality of the future physician" by Muyassar Makhmudovna Makhmudova (DSc, Professor, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, SamSIFL, Samarkand, Uzbekistan), "First-Year Medical Students Online Learning Readiness in Full Online Learning" by Rena Fuji Erin Setyawati (Faculty of Medicine Gunadarma University, Indoneziya), "Education in the Spirit of Eastern III Renaissance of Samarkand Region Students" by Kibriyo Hasanovna Hasanova (Ph, Professor, Head of Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Samarkand, Uzbekistan), "Students' Self-efficacy during Online Learning" Indah Mulyani (Medical Faculty, Gunadarma University, Indonesia), "Dynamic Process of Online Learning in Health Related College Students: A brief insight from Indonesia Private University" Siska Sartika (Margonda Raya 100, Pondok Cina, Indonesia), "Evaluation of Micro Curriculum to Enhance Online Learning Readiness of First-Year Medical Student" Winda Lestari (Medical Faculty, Gunadarma University, Indonesia), "Self-Regulated Learning of First-Year Medical Students on Online Learning" Sri Mukti Suhartini (Medical Faculty, Gunadarma University, Indonesia).

  The main work of the conference focused on sections of "Humanistic and Social Pedagogy", "Linguistic-Psychological Pedagogy, Educational Psychology", "Differential Psychology, Psychophysiology" where more than 40 reports on actual issues of modern pedagogy, psychology, training and education of youth were made.

  It should be emphasized that the International Scientific-Practical Conference "Pedagogical and Psycholinguistic Features of Development, Formation and Formation of Personality of Doctor" conducted by Samarkand State Medical Institute will certainly contribute to improvement of preparation of medical personnel in the republic, introduction of innovative pedagogical technologies in educational process of universities, further strengthening of international cooperation of universities and institutes of the republic with universities and research centres abroad.


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