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Honouring war veteran, Associate Professor F.A. Asliddinov

On the eve of the holiday "9th of May - Day of Remembrance and Honour"honouring veterans of the Second World War and toilers of the labour front is held in all cities and regions of the country. City and provincial leaders, members of the public and secondary school pupils pay their respects to those who fought against the terrible enemy, visit their homes and congratulate them in a festive atmosphere.

  So, the group of representatives of Samarkand State Medical Institute comprising staff of the Youth and Spirituality Department, deputy deans on spiritual and educational work, staff of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Department of military-medical training, as well as activists of the Youth Union visited Fazliddin Asliddinov, a veteran of World War II, Candidate of Medical Sciences (PhD), associate professor, who worked for many years at the Department of Internal diseases and taught thousands of students, on the eve of this nationwide holiday.

  The institute employees thanked the veteran for his courage and heroism, wished him good health and long life, as well as presented him gifts on behalf of the institute.

  F.A. Asliddinov, a war veteran and associate professor at SamSMI, thanked for the visit and kind words and wished him peaceful sky and successful activities of his alma mater.

SamSMI Press Service