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Memory is a Sacred Honor

  It is known that the Day of Remembrance and Honor is widely celebrated on the 9th of May in our country. It is one of our main duties to visit and know the condition of our honorary teachers and staff on the occasion of the holiday. On the occasion of May 9, the Day of Remembrance and Honor, the activists of the Women's Advisory Council congratulated and visited the honorable retired teachers and staff of our institute, who worked hard for many years.

Khalikova Lyubov Urazovna is 84 years old.

  The head of the endocrinology department who has worked effectively for 50 years. In the photo, her spouse and our grateful teacher prof. Abdulla Khamrayev. He would be 89 years old now.

Gulnora Rakhmonova is 77 years old.

  Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in the Faculty of Pediatrics, worked effectively for 45 years.

Badriddinova Mastura Pardayevna is 76 years old.

  Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She worked productively for 44 years.

Kirillova Tatyana Aliksiyeva is 75 years old.

  She has worked at the Information Resource Center for 42 years.

Sultanova Zuhra is 73 years old.

  She has worked productively for 40 years.

  Their labors and services will always be a role model for present and future generations.

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