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Celebration event "9 May - Day of Remembrance and Honour" took place at Samarkand State Medical Institute

  A festive event entitled "May 9 - Day of Remembrance and Honour" was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute on May 11. Veterans and honored employees, representatives of administration, professors and students of the institute attended the festive meeting held on the territory of Clinic No.1.

  Opening the solemn meeting Rector Jasur Alimjanovich Rizaev congratulated all employees and students on the Day of Memory and Honours, mentioned deceased teachers and staff of the institute with kind words, wished the good health to all honoured staff and veterans. In a solemn atmosphere Jasur Alimjanovich shared commendations and awarded gifts to a group of long-time employees of the Institute, who have made a significant contribution to the education and upbringing of students.

  Also, a play named "Be damned, war!" was shown for the guests of a holiday, where all roles were played by students of institute. The mastery of roles, expression of actors, emotional images of tragedy of the war years and the final triumph of goodness and justice were met with a standing ovation of grateful spectators.

  The cadets of the Junior Specialist Training Centre of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan who took part in the celebratory meeting showed spectacular performances in hand-to-hand combat and weapons possession. Great interest of students and teachers was aroused by the presentation of modern arms from representatives of the Centre. Under the direction of members of department of military medicine M.O.Zaripov and I.E.Erkinov, students also showed their skills and posture.

  Additionally, the programme of the concert included famous songs of the war years, prepared with the participation of the military orchestra of the Central Military District of the Ministry of Defence, which helped and supported the soldiers in the most difficult and dark time, gave hope to the wives, mothers and children working at the rear. The participants, recognising the familiar tunes, did not hold back their emotions, singing along to the beat and applauding each performance.

  Members of the public attending the festive meeting thanked the organisers for such a meaningful event. Thus, Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute J.A.Rizaev was awarded a gratitude of the regional kengash (council) of the Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Milliy Tiklanish" for his contribution to the socio-economic and spiritual-educational development of the region. A certificate to him was presented by Sh.J.Alibekov, a deputy of the Samarkand City Council of People's Deputies.

  At the end of the festive event, the guests thanked the organizers, servicemen and students and wished everyone peaceful and clear sky, health, happiness and good luck in life.

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