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Women are the foundation of the family, society and the state!

  An educational seminar titled "Woman as a foundation of the family, society and nation" was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute in order to discuss the issues on strengthening women's participation in social and political life of the country, their contribution to the development of science and the welfare of the family. The seminar was attended by members of the teaching staff, women activists of the advisory council and female students of the Institute.

  Thus, the speakers talked in detail at the seminar about the reforms carried out by the leadership of the country to promote the role and participation of women in all spheres of society, the attention of society to the problems of women and girls, as well as the need to master a profession as an indispensable guarantee of finding a decent place in life for girls. The participants noted that more and more women are taking an active part in the socio-political, economic and other spheres of society and they are a strong basis of the family home.

  The event was full of interesting discussions, and the participants received answers to all their questions.

SamSMI Press Service