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​Meeting of the student scientific society "Neuroscience"

  Another meeting of student scientific society "Neuroscience" was held at the Department of Neurosurgery of Samarkand State Medical Institute. This society is one of the most active student scientific societies and the students of all faculties of institute as well as students studying on "MBBS" program are actively involved in its activity.

  At the regular meeting of the students' group, in accordance with the weekly topics, three presentations were discussed - "Neurodegenerative diseases", "Neuritis", "Neuropathies and PNS disorders" as well as questions prepared by the students of the International Faculty.

  During the ceremonial part of the meeting, the honored employee of the department, famous and well-known neurosurgeon, Professor A.M. Mamadaliev handed to students, members of "Neuroscience" society, diplomas of winners of international student conference, and also polo ("t-shirt") with logo of scientific society. The Dean of the Faculty of International Education, PhD, M.A. Aliev also took part in the meeting with the students.

SamSMI Press Service