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Master class on the principles of pandemic dental care

  On June 1, a master class on the peculiarities of the manifestation of COVID-19 in the oral cavity and principles of dental care in the pandemic period was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute. The workshop was attended by senior undergraduate, postgraduate and clinical residency students as well as visiting dentists from the region and Samarkand.

  At the solemn opening of the seminar, the rector Jasur Rizaev introduced the keynote speaker, one of the leading dentists of the republic, MD, professor, the head of the department of therapeutic dentistry of Tashkent State Dental Institute Olga Yesenovna Bekjanova and noted the relevance of the topic for both students and dentists.

  Thus, Prof. Bekzhanova explained in detail the features of COVID-19 in the oral cavity and the principles of dental care during the pandemic, using a large number of illustrative and informative material during her performance. The speaker concentrated on practical examples of how to use the material of the presentation.

  The master class was of great interest to all participants and the speaker gave full and detailed answers to all the questions given by the participants..

SamSMI Press Service