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Future doctors invited for vacancies in Samarkand region

  Representatives of city and district healthcare institutions and organizations with the Head of the Department of Healthcare of Samarkand region, D.Kh. Jumaniyazov, held a meeting with graduates of the academic year 2020-2021 in the large conference hall of the Samarkand State Medical Institute.

  The meeting with the graduates was opened by Rector Jasur Rizaev. His welcoming address was dedicated to detailed information on the specialties and directions of the graduates, as well as measures taken to qualitatively improve training of qualified staff at the institute. Also, he specifically noted that the institute is ready to help its graduates in every possible way, in particular, if graduate work for 3 years in remote areas of the region, he/she will be given 50% points in addition to the final result of exam on clinical residency.

  Head of the Department of Healthcare of Samarkand region, D.Kh. Jumaniyazov and First Deputy of Head of the Department of Healthcare of Samarkand region, S.S. Zainiev made a detailed presentation of over 830 vacant places, which are available in healthcare system of the region, gave information on conditions created for young specialists and noted that the local authorities will render assistance in arranging the accomodation for the graduates in addition to benefits and privileges that are provided in accordance with relevant decrees and orders of the President of the country. Speaking to the graduates, heads of several medical institutions informed them in detail about vacancies in their organizations and answered to the all questions.

  The management of the regional health care system also organized a festive pilaw (translators note: it is a meal with rice, carrots and meat, liberally seasoned with spices) for the graduates and employment contracts were signed with many of them at the end of the meeting.

SamSMI Press Service