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On cooperation between Samarkand State Medical Institute and Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute

  An official delegation from the Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute (MONIKI) visited Samarkand State Medical Institute on June 2-6. During the visit, extended talks were held on issues of cooperation with this educational institution.

  The participants of the group, headed by the Rector of SamSMI J. Rizaev and the Head of MONIKI K. Sobolev, noted high level of cooperation and interaction between the institutions. During their acquaintance with the conditions at the institute, the members of the delegation appreciated the attention paid to the educational process in our country.

  The Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute is a centre with 175 years of experience in training, advanced training and postgraduate education of medical personnel, conducting research, development and implementation of advanced innovative methods of treatment and diagnosis.

  So, it was agreed upon that the partner universities organise training of highly qualified doctors in particular specialties and provide full coverage of continuing professional education, the introduction of a credit-module system of education in the educational process, and also plan to develop innovations in healthcare at a global level and integrate them into the global scientific arena.

  Later, the speeches were followed by a concert programme. The guests of the institute enjoyed the songs of talented students and the charm of folk dances.

  Rossiyaning mazkur ilmiy-tekshirish instituti shifokorlar malakasini oshirish, ularni tayyorlash va qayta tayyorlash, ilmiy-tadqiqot izlanishlari o‘tkazish, ilg‘or innovatsion davolash-tashxislash usullarini ishlab chiqish va amaliyotga tatbiq etish bo‘yicha 175 yillik tajribaga ega markaz hisoblanadi.

SamSMI Press Service