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Final State Attestation of graduates started

  Final State Attestation has commenced for final year students of Samarkand State Medical Institute. At the first stage, graduates will take OSCE exam in 16 subjects of specialties. Thus, each student will be given 3 minutes to demonstrate the knowledge gained on specialty during 6 years.

  So, general supervision of examinations on speciality is carried out under supervision of FSA chairman, professor of TMA, U.B. Berkinov, vice-rector of SamSMI, Associate Professor N.A. Yarmukhamedova and dean of medical faculty, DSc, G.U. Lutfullaev by the State Examination Commission.

  In the process of passing the OSCE, students demonstrate their knowledge and practical skills in making prompt decisions, making correct diagnoses and providing medical care to patients. This practical knowledge will enable them in the future to become highly qualified health care professionals in local health care institutions.

SamSMI Press Service