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“Youth Festival – 2021” at SamSMI

  As a part of state program of the year 2021, declared as the "Year of Support of Youth and Health Improvement", wide-scale events were organized in Samarkand region in the spheres of culture, sport, technology, education and science with participation of representatives of youth. The region's higher educational institutions, including Samarkand State Medical Institute, took an active part in all the activities which were carried out.

  Thus, the students of the institute took an active part in contests and competitions. For instance, a group of students of SamSMI took part in sports competitions in over 10 sports and won prizes among the students of our higher education institutions. S.Omonov, the 1st year medical faculty student took the 1st place in track and field athletics (running for 60m). 2nd place in table tennis was awarded to 1st year student of Faculty of Pharmacy Sh. Mamarajabov and Pediatric Faculty Sh. Bozorova, 3rd place in chess was taken by 5th year student of Medical Faculty I. Rakhimov, 3rd year student of Medical faculty Z. Abdulkhaeva took 3rd place in checkers. Students of International education faculty also took an active part in sport competitions. Students Dipanshu Bedi Saba and Saba Naeem won an honorary 2nd place in badminton. A 2nd year student of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy B. Samiev won 2nd place in the weight category up to 60 kg at the Institute, 3rd year student of the Medical Faculty F. Rashidov 3rd place, and 2nd year student of the Faculty of Dentistry S. Madatov won 2nd place in the weight category up to 70 kg.

  It should be noted that a student of the Institute Sh. Mirzaev took 1st place in the Pop and Classical Music Performers Contest in the "Pop Performance" direction.

  Additionally, gifted students of SamSMI "Followers of Ibn Sina" also took active part in staging theatre troupes. Their creative debut was highly appreciated and they took 1st place in the nomination "The Best Student Theatre Studio".

  So, memorable gifts, "Certificates of Merit", "Acknowledgements" and "Diplomas" were presented to the winners and particularly distinguished active participants of the Youth Festival at the awards ceremony in the new building of SamSMI by the Khokim (Head) of the region Erkinjon Turdimov and Rector of SamSMI Jasur Rizaev.

SamSMI Press Service