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An intellectual game "Zakovat" was held at the Samarkand State Medical Institute

  On June 29, 2021, in the Samarkand State Medical Institute, in honor of the holiday “June 30 - Youth Day”, an inter-faculty tournament of the intellectual game “Zakovat” was held.

  The main goal of the intellectual competition was to involve talented youth in intellectual games, focusing their attention on regular work on themselves, constantly improving their intellectual and professional level.

  The intellectual tournament was attended by only eight teams representing the faculties and administration of the institute.

  During the game, the participants were able to fully reveal their intellectual abilities, broad outlook and ability to give non-standard answers. In terms of the intensity of passions, intransigence in the struggle and the will to win, the interfaculty game "Zakovat" practically did not differ from the large horizontal bars of the intellectual game. The teams of the Faculty of Medical Prevention and the Administration of the Administration managed to reach the final of the game.

  As a result of a stubborn struggle, the team of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy became the owner of the honorable third place, the team of the Faculty of Medical Prevention took the second place, and the team of the university administration won the first place. All winners were awarded with memorable gifts and collections of book literature.

  The intellectual game "Zakovat" at the institute will continue.

SamSMI Press Service