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SamSMI employees carry out on-site explanatory work on diagnostics, prevention and vaccination of the population with a new coronavirus infection Covid - 19

  Currently, in all regions and districts of our republic, the processes of vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection are actively progressing. The country's leadership has set the vaccination of the population as a priority task to ensure the security of the state.

  Under the leadership of the rector of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, 16 working groups were created from among the staff of the teaching staff. They are attached to the work of family polyclinics in the city of Samarkand and districts of the Samarkand region, where explanatory work is carried out on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of new coronavirus infection.

  The working groups of the Institute hold explanatory meetings with the population on the need for vaccination as a guarantee of a healthy life in the context of the ongoing pandemic, and also provides methodological practical assistance to local health care institutions.

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