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A nationwide charity hashar was held at the institute

  Today is August 21 on the eve of the most sacred holiday of our people - the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the Samarkand State Medical Institute under the slogan "Let's live freely and safely in New Uzbekistan!" a nationwide charity hashar was held.

  From the very morning, representatives of the administration, faculty and staff of the institute took an active part in the improvement and maintenance of the cleanliness of their office premises, material and technical base, courtyards, streets and trays on the territory of educational buildings, departments and clinical bases of the institute. In the context of a pandemic, sanitary-hygienic and disinfection works were also carried out on the ground.

  The annual nationwide hashar and the improvement work carried out within its framework always remains an integral part of the spirituality of our people, serves to unite them around the values and ideals of independence.

SamSMI Press Service