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Employees of Samarkand State Medical Institute conferred state awards and commemorative medals

  The new history of Uzbekistan is a short but glorious path, inextricably linked to the fate of every person living in this holy land. Every citizen of Uzbekistan has made his own contribution to the successes and achievements of his homeland.

  So, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our independence, thousands of our compatriots were awarded special badges as a symbol of recognition and respect by our state.

  Professors and teachers of the Samarkand State Medical Institute played their part in maintaining the independence of our Motherland.

  Thus, they worked diligently for the development of our country. They were directly involved in upholding public health. In the heat of summer, Covid was able to set an example of the true dedication of our specialists in the red zones.

  Today, the work of people living with the health problems of our citizens was recognised, and this recognition was sealed in the pages of our glorious history.

  On behalf of the team, we also congratulate all the patriots of our country whose names were honoured on the eve of the holiday!

SamSMI Press Service