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Expanding cooperation between SamSMI and Belarusian universities

  Today the delegation consisting of the Rector of the Belarusian State Technological University, Professor I.V.Voytov, Director of the National Research Institute named after V.A.Belogo, Professor A.Y.Grigoriev, Director of the Institute of Chemistry, Academician V.Ye., as well as Director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Science and Development" named after I.A.Karimov, Professor N.S.Abed has taken part in a meeting with the representatives of the Samarkand State Medicl Institute.

  During the visit, contacts were established between the higher educational institutions, considering that chemistry is one of the fundamental disciplines of medicine. So, round table was held to discuss the role of chemistry in medicine, pharmacy, its functions and potential in the scientific work carried out at Belarusian research institutes. The future plans, discussed during the meeting, included exchange of experience in various aspects of the universities.

  In the course of the event the guests were presented with souvenirs from our institute.

SamSMI Press Service