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Cooperation with a foreign medical university established

  Consistent and methodical work on expansion of international relations and inter-university cooperation in the field of science and education is carried out at Samarkand State Medical Institute.

  It is worth noting that the introduction of new educational standards and the widespread adoption of innovative approaches in pedagogical and scientific activities at the Institute enhance the effectiveness of work in the education and science and raise the level of training of health practitioners.

  So, the meeting between the rectors of Samarkand State Medical Institute and South Kazakhstan Medical Academy: DSc, professor Rizaev J.A. and DSc, professor, academician of Academy of Clinical and Basic Medical Sciences Mirzabek Mirzashevich Rysbekov, was organized with the purpose of further expansion of academic mobility.

  Thus, Rector of SKMA Mirzabek Rysbekov and Rector of Samarkand State Medical Institute Professor Jasur Rizaev agreed on further integration of educational process between Samarkand State Medical Institute and SKMA and exchange of experience among teachers on teaching methods.

  In particular, mutually beneficial plans have been worked out to introduce joint educational programs and activities of teaching staff and masters.

  М. Rysbekov visited the new main building of the Institute and appreciated the conditions created for students.

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