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Samarkand State Medical Institute to be granted university status

  Shavkat Mirziyoyev, “If we make a special decision to grant Samarkand Medical Institute the status of university, I think we will create a more stable basis for the existing potential and future development of this renowned institution”.

  Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a presidential candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (Party of Entrepreneurs and Business people), said so during a meeting with voters in Samarkand.

  “We don't need to be limited by the name, we need to build bigger buildings and dormitories,” he said. “We need to create new conditions for the university. We will raise its prestige not in name but in status. This medical university is very close to me. We will open departments of this university in every district and turn it into a real people's university”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated.

  “The primary unit, proposed by me, will become a real example for healthcare. Let this university benefit the people with the level of quality medicine.”

  “I believe that the administration and staff of the future university will fully mobilize their knowledge and experience in order to make a worthy contribution to improvement of people's health in all districts, towns and villages of the region, promoting healthy lifestyle”, the President-in-Office emphasized.

  It should be noted that the solution of the long-standing problems and deficiencies in the health care system, by President Mirziyoyev, is one of the ultimate goals of his election programme.

SamSMI Press Service