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Concert to celebrate Mentors' and Teachers' Day

  On September 29, Samarkand State Medical Institute hosted a concert for professors and teachers on the occasion of October 1 - 'Mentors and Teachers Day'.

  The concert programme was opened by Y. Allayarov, chairman of the institute's trade union, who said that it was a vivid example of our people's eternal respect for our teachers and educators who serve the cause of enlightenment. He noted that the attention paid to the field of education is increasing every year, and wished success in the future work of the faculty.

  At the beginning of the event, a group of professors and teachers of the institute were awarded certificates of appreciation on behalf of the Rector for their fruitful work in the field of education, dedication in upbringing students in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland, courage, leadership qualities as well as memorable gifts from the trade union committee of the institute.

  Then art performances, various songs and dances, recitation of lyrics prepared by the students of our institute were performed. The concert programme entitled "Vote for Your Future!" with the participation of famous entertainers created a festive mood for all participants of the event.

SamSMI Press service