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A meeting was held with students on prevention of emergencies

  On September 30, a meeting with students on fire safety in upcoming autumn-winter season was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute's Clinic No.1 in cooperation with the Regional Office for Emergency Situations. The meeting was attended by students, faculty, deputy deans, representatives of the Youth and Spirituality Department and staff from the Regional Office for Emergency Situations.

  Thus, the meeting was addressed by Mr. M. Sokhibnazarov, an employee of the institute's occupational health and safety department, Mr. M. Lutfullaev, and Associate Professor of the Infectious Diseases Department, Mr. A. Orzikulov, they spoke about the need for carbon monoxide protection, the use of heating equipment and facilities allowed by the relevant government agencies, and the careful use of packaged food.

  Then, the meeting culminated with a vivid demonstration of a fire drill and masterclasses on use of fire extinguishers and first aid. It is notable that such events with students of the institute are held on a regular basis.

SamSMI press service