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International Scientific and Practical Conference “Immunology - the basis of 21st century medicine”.

  On October 16, 2021, the third and final day of the International Research and Practical Conference, named “Immunology - the Basis of XXI Century Medicine”, dedicated to 35th anniversary of the Research Institute of Human Immunology and Genomics under the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan was held at Samarkand State Medical Institute (the conference had started earlier in Tashkent). The international conference was attended by over 250 representatives of leading medical universities and research institutes from Russia, Belarus, the United States and Uzbekistan.

  The international conference was opened by the Rector of SamSMI, Professor Jasur Rizaev, who stressed its importance and relevance. Academician Bekhzod Yuldashev, President of Uzbek Academy of Sciences, Academician Rakhim Khaitov, President of Russian Association of Allergists and Clinical Immunologists, Academician Valery Chereshnev, President of Russian Society of Immunologists, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Karaulov and other prominent scientists and major representatives of medical industry took part in the international scientific-practical conference.

  At the plenary session of the International Conference, leading experts from the republic and abroad delivered reports on topical issues of immunology such as immunological aspects of COVID-19, immunopathogenesis and immunotherapy of coronavirus infection, primary immunodeficiency, mucosal immunity, microbiota, antibiotics and their interaction. The presentations were followed by discussions and the closing ceremony of the international conference.

  The International Scientific-Practical Conference “Immunology - the Basis of XXI Century Medicine” completed at Samarkand State Medical Institute will undoubtedly contribute to the development of human immunology and genomics in the country and the region, and will further improve the quality of teaching fundamental and clinical sciences and training of qualified medical personnel.

SamSMI Press Service